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UCSD CalGeo 2nd Annual BBQ



UCSD CalGeo welcomed geotechnical graduate students, undergraduate students, faculty, and industry leaders to our 2nd annual BBQ. We met at the beautiful South Mission beach where we played volleyball, ate hamburgers, and socialized. Thanks for joining, and don't forget to join use for next year's BBQ!

Networking Dinner with a Side of Tire Chips



UCSD CalGeo sent four members up to Irvine, CA to have dinner with industry members of CalGeo. After dinner, Joaquin Wright (Engineer at GHD Inc) presented an introduction to Tire Derived Aggregate (TDA) including case studies of road slide repair, embankment projects, and infiltration gallery projects. 

UCSD CalGeo, sponsors, friends, and family BBQ



CalGeo organized a BBQ at Mission beach to bring together over 20 geotechnical students, faculty, friends, family, and sponsors. One of our sponsors, Geosyntec, decided to join for frisbee, soccer, and hamburgers in the California sun. We also enjoyed the company of our community adviser, Dr. Ahmed Elgamal, and our visiting professor from Western University, Dr. Hesham El Naggar.

Dr. Xiaoyu Song presents his research to CalGeo



Dr. Xiaoyu Song is an assistant professor in the Department of Civil and Coastal Engineering at the University of Florida. During his visit to UCSD, he presented his current research focused on computational modeling of problems in unsaturated soil mechanics, including: coupled solid deformation and fluid flow in unsaturated soils; constitutive modeling of unsaturated soils under non-isothermal conditions; modeling failures of unsaturated soils via non-local mechanics and integral-differential equations; and modeling unsaturated clay-water systems via full-scale and coarse-grained molecular dynamics on computer clusters.

UCSD CalGeo president presents research at AYGEC2016



UCSD CalGeo president, Tugce Baser, presented her paper titled, "Role of Considering Non-Constant Soil Thermal Parameters in the Simulation of Geothermal Heat Storage Systems in the Vadose Zone" at the 8th Asian Young Geotechnical Engineers Conference (AYGEC) located in Nazarbayev University. The conference provided a forum for geotechnical engineers from the Asian region to exchange information, experiences, and identify future cooperation between construction, education, and science.

CalGeo attends Geo-Chicago 2016



GeoChicago 2016 was packed with short courses, events, and industry exhibits all focused on Sustainability, Energy, and the Geoenvironment. UCSD CalGeo's very own president, Tugce Baser, presented her insights into the impact of a thermo-hydraulic insulation layer on the long-term response of soil-borehole thermal energy systems.  Another UCSD CalGeo member, Ismaail Ghaaowd, presented his work on the impact of drainage conditions on thermal volume chance in soft clay.

Peter K. Robertson introduces CalGeo to updated CPT-based Soil Classification system



Peter K. Robertson is a deeply experienced geotechnical engineer with extensive research and consulting experience at the University of Alberta and Gregg Drilling & Testing. He spent the afternoon detailing the existing soil classification and his proposed improvements. These improvements include the behavior based classification associated with the microstructure of older cemented soils. Peter spent time showing CalGeo his work incorporating shear wave measurements into traditional CPTu measurements to develop a classification system that distinguishes between contractive and dilative soils.

Danny Cohen discusses retaining wall and slope stabilization methods

About Danny Cohen:

Mr. Cohen has been practicing in the field of geotechnical engineering for over 30 years. He began his career as a field technician performing observation and compaction testing on mass grading projects in southern California, transitioning to an engineering role which included performing geotechnical investigations for development of grading and foundation recommendations for new construction as well as investigations of distressed properties, preparing proposals, performing engineering analysis of field and laboratory data and providing expert witness services. Mr. Cohen has managed engineering offices in Fresno, San Jose, Sacramento and San Diego, managing groups that provided geotechnical engineering, environmental engineering and construction inspection and testing services. Mr. Cohen has now transitioned to working for a General Engineering Contractor who specializes in geotechnical related construction, including seawalls, tieback and soil nail walls, retaining walls, slope and soil stabilization, foundation underpinning including drilled piers, caissons and grade beams and temporary and permanent shoring. Mr. Cohen is involved in estimating, evaluating cost and constructability issues, as well as client development.

Woongiu Mun, PhD presents "Compression response of Soils to High Stresses" during CalGeo seminar and discusses retaining wall and slope stabilization methods


Woongui Mun received a B.S. degree in civil engineering from Ajou University, Korea in 2005 and a M.S. degree in civil engineering from Ajou University, Korea in 2007. He worked in practice as a geotechnical engineer in Korea, and gained experience designing tunnels, slopes, and foundations. He recently obtained his PhD degree from University of Colorado Boulder. Mun's presentation focused on the results of an experimental testing program that is supporting a project funded by the ONR MURI program focused on the evaluation of blast pressures from shallow buried explosives. During a buried explosion, the magnitude of upward blast pressure depends on the reaction from the underlying soil. Different reactions are expected for sand and clay, and unsaturated conditions may play an important role.